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Need Financial Assistance To Build A Secondary or Garden Suite?

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Thinking of building a Secondary or Garden Suite? Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) offers financial assistance for the creation of a Secondary or Garden Suite for a low-income senior or adult with a disability – making it possible for them to live independently in their community, close to family and friends.

What is a Secondary Suite and a Garden Suite?

A secondary suite, sometimes called an in-law suite, is a self-contained separate unit within an existing home or an addition to a home. This means there are full kitchen and bath facilities as well as a separate entrance.

A garden suite is a separate living unit that is not attached to the principal residence, but built on the same property. Garden suites are sometimes referred to as “granny flats” because they were originally created to provide a home for an aging parent of a homeowner. Like a secondary suite, a garden suite is a self-contained unit.

Who Can Apply?

You may be eligible to receive assistance if:

  • You are a homeowner or private entrepreneur owning residential property that would accommodate an affordable, self-contained rental unit for a low-income senior (65 years of age or more) or adult with a disability.
  • Your property meets with the applicable zoning and building requirements.
  • You consent to enter into an Operating Agreement that establishes the rent that can be charged during the term of the Agreement.
  • You also agree that the household income of the occupant(s) of the newly created self-contained unit will be below a CMHC set level.


Financial Assistance:

The assistance is in the form of a forgivable loan that does not have to be repaid provided that you, as the owner, adhere to the conditions of the program. The maximum loan available varies in accordance with the geographic zone in which the property is located.

Zone 1 – Southern areas of Canada: Max Loan/Unit is $24,000

Contact Information:

To find out how to apply for financial assistance or for more information about these programs please call CMHC toll free at 1-800-668-2642.   

Or call Charmaine at Verico Designer Mortgages Inc. 905-336-5997, Toll Free 1-866-824-8057.

(Source: Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation/ www.cmhc.ca)

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