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The Best of Both Worlds!

The Best of Both Worlds!


A new mortgage product has recently been launched.

This new and innovative product called the 50/50 WISE mortgage. Don’t choose between Fixed and Variable. Choose Both!

They key aspects to this new mortgage are detailed below:


  • 50% of mortgage is at the lowest ARM rate in the Industry (currently, prime +.40 = 2.65%). With flexibility to convert to a fixed rate mortgage.
  • 50% of the mortgage is secure at a competitive 5 year fixed rate.
  • Combined total is at the lowest current 5 year effective rate of approximately 3.38% (weighted average interest rate given today’s current pricing!) 
  • Effective rate is lowest when mortgage balance is greatest…for maximum interest savings impact.
  • It would require a move in prime to north of 3.50% to reach a 3.99% effective weighted average rate.
  • Provides flexibility to prepay 20% annually or increase payment 20% annually on the portion of best advantage…
  • Bank of Canada statement and intention is to leave the B. of C. rate steady until at least June 2010.


Ideally suited for:

  • Customers who are unsure whether to go Variable or Fixed.  This product eliminates the biggest dilemma facing mortgage borrowers in today’s economy.
  • Customers who want a low interest rate and are more risk-averse than a typical ARM client.  The weighted average interest rate on this mortgage is approximately 3.38% given today’s current pricing!  And only 50% of the mortgage is subject to interest rate risk.
  • Customers who want added flexibility in paying down their mortgage.  The two portions operate independently of each other, so your customers can choose to make prepayments on the fixed portion which has the higher interest rate or they can choose to pay down the ARM portion aggressively which in turn further minimizes their future interest rate risk!


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