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Credit Card Programs

All of our credit cards at VERICO Designer Mortgages come with fraud liability along with purchase protection

Who is a Qualifying Applicant (with the exception of the student card)
$10,000 household income
Beacon Score 625
If they have no score they can be considered for approval the
Minimum age requirement 18
Monthly income to debt must be 40% or less
Any bankruptcies must be disqualified for 36 months before qualification
No 60 day plus delinquency with another creditor in the past 24 months
Applicants who are currently in financial counseling will not qualify
Applicants who have outstanding collections and judgments will not qualify

When making purchases with your credit card you collect points in which do not expire and do not have a max. With these points, you can do online shopping on the Collabria website and purchase things such as flights, concerts, etc. ​